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For over 30 years, Yeshivat Ohr David has provided young men with an intensive Torah learning experience while offering the freedom to discover their own unique place in society. The mission of Yeshivat Ohr David is not only to provide an environment to learn about Jewish heritage but also to instill the key ingredients that enable the Talmid to realize his true potential in life.

your experience 

The Ohr David experience is a journey of personal and spiritual growth under the guidance of an incredibly caring and nurturing team of Rebbeim. One of the first Yeshivot to cater to the needs of the post high school boy, the Yeshiva continues to produce individuals committed to continued personal development, to the Jewish community and to the land of Israel.

How do I apply?

You can apply by clicking on this link here. Or you can get in touch with our Head of Recruiting here.

How does acceptance work? 

After we receive your application you will be interviewed by one of our Rabbeim. If you have been accepted you will receive an email conformation that will put you in touch with our Head of Administration Rabbi Lieber. 

Where is the Yeshiva located?  

The Yeshiva is located in the quiet Ramot neighborhood of Jerusalem. For the Yeshivas address click here​.


How do I get to Yeshiva?

Coming from the airport you can order a Nesher Taxi, for more information check out there website here. If you need any special assistance the yeshiva can arrange for someone to meet you at the airport (please contact Rabbi Lieber for more information)

How much is tuition?Are there Scholarships?

a years tuition is $20,000. Scholarships are available to those who qualify. To find out if you qualify please contact our Scholarship Board here

Whats the schedule like?

You can check out the daily schedule here. Every Tuesday afternoon is dedicated to special curriculum. We also have breaks for Sukkot, Chanukkah, and Pesach. For the exact dates please contact our office.  

Is there a group flight?

In an effort to allow parents to find cheaper flights individually we do not offer a group flight. if you would like to coordinate your sons arrival with other students please contact our office for more information​. 

What do I do for Shabbos?

once a month there is a Shabbos in Yeshiva. in addition to this there is a Shabbaton to various destinations in Israel once a month. On the other two Shobbosim students can visit family, friends, Rabbeim, or if the don't have a place to go they will be set up by the Yeshiva. 

Yitzchak Milworn
Mikhael Khandadash
Mordechai Drisdell
Raphael Raboi
Shmuli Israel 
Daniel Mishael
Jason Rabotnick


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