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Abba Freud - Parshat Yitro

Rashi in our Parsha, Parshas Yisro, quotes the Mechilta that, "all beginnings are difficult ." Knowing this fact that all beginnings are difficult can help us start new projects. A person that starts something is bound to run into difficulties and if a person doesn't know that all starts have difficulties he might be discouraged to give up even before he begins. He might even say to himself, things are so difficult I might as well give up right now.

However, knowing this the Mechilta teaches us to expect difficulties at all beginnings and not to be discouraged by them. Very frequently, the difficulties are short-lived and as you persevere, you will find that things are getting easier and easier. The Mechilta also tells us, if you accept upon yourself the Torah now, it will be pleasant from here on out. We should all merit to break through the beginning stages and become better people.

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