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Miki Khandadash - Parshat Beshalach

We know that the Jewish people are the chosen people; The סגולה עם. That means that “H chose us to be the leaders of the world and to be the image that they will all want to emulate. However, they will never be able to reach where we stand, and that’s what makes us special. Our forefathers and ourselves are receiving the Torah every morning and night with the simple and common utterance of the words “שמע .“The other nations don’t have something as beautiful and as powerful and as influential as the Torah that “H gave to us. We see this idea being brought forth exceedingly clear as we were on our very ways to receive the Torah from the leaving of Egypt.

The פסוק says that “H will be in front of us during the day as a pillar of a cloud, and at night, a pillar of fire to enlighten the path during the day and nights. There’s a simple question, how does a pillar of a cloud enlighten the path during the day? It may guide you, but it’s not illuminating as a fire is -we’ll get to that in a second. Now, we have to understand what “H is trying to tell us.

During the day, there is no need for illumination, because the sun is out shining bright and proud. The ground is easily visible, and the trees are obviously shown, friends are discerned, and enemies are overt. However, at night time, the only way one is able to see is if there is a light. Something that is showing the path. We take it for granted because we have street lights everywhere that we go, however back in the times, there would be no light on the way except that which was lit by yourself.

We know the comparison that the Mesilat Yesharim brings that the pleasures of this world are compared to darkness. They will take away from our clear sight, or maybe it’ll confuse us for what is good and what is bad. That’s where the Jews come in. We are the light unto the nation, and we can illuminate where the bad is and show where the good lays. We play that role in the world, whether or not the other nations see it, whether or not we ourselves see it, and we influence everything that surrounds us. “He's telling us, the same way I showed you the path in the travels, I want you to show the path to everyone else.

That doesn’t answer the pillar of a cloud during the day. That’s where the Jews in their uniquity come in. The החיים אור writes on this piece “Outside of their camp, it was dark, like the way of the world. And behold, if it were not that Israel were to walk the way “H wanted them to walk, they would not have needed the light of the pillar of fire, because, to all of the Children of Israel, there was the light of “H in their dwelling.” We see the message being shown to us as clear as can be. It’s because “H chose us, that we need to be a light, otherwise we’d be like everyone else. That’s how we can understand the pillar of a cloud. The cloud is more than a simple cloud, it represents “H! One of the keys that Hashem doesn’t give over is the key of rain, that’s found in the clouds. Even when we were in the bright, bright day, in which everything was seen and shown before us. All of the pleasures and all of the desires of the world… We walked with Hashem. That’s what our forefathers did then, and that’s what we do now. With everything being exposed and shown, it’s easier to be tempted and led. However, once you have “H with you, then even the most tempting of desires becomes nullified. Good Shabbos

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