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Parshat Terumah - Shmuli Israel

This week's parsha, תרומה , starts with hashems instruction to כלל ישראל to build the Mishkan, so his שכינה could rest among them. This concept can be better understood through a mashal.

A Prince had come from a distant country to marry the king's only daughter. After the marriage, the prince wished to leave with the princess. The king told the prince, " I cannot part with her; she is my only daughter. Yet she is your wife too, and I have no right to withhold her from you. I therefore ask a favor from you, build me an extra chamber wherever you settle, so that I may live near you!"

In the same way, after hashem had given us his daughter, the torah, he asked of us to build a mishkan, in which his שכינה would live near us.

On this the אלשיך writes, that the physical mishkan of wood, is only a symbol for the true resting place of the שכינה, which is in the heart of every Jew.

How is it possible to make one's heart in Mishkan for the שכינה? The medrash writes, that this is accomplished by devoting one's heart to Torah and עבודה.

Similarly we find in gemara berachos, (.ברכות ח), אמר רב חייא בר אבא משמיה דעולא, מיום שחרב בית המקדש, אין לו להקב"ה בעולמו אלא ד' אמות של הלכה בלבד" "Rav chiya bar abba says in the name of Ulah, from the day the בית המקדש was destroyed, all hashem has left in his world, is the 4 אמות of halacha alone."

May we all be zocheh to build a place for hashem to dwell in our hearts through Torah and Avoda.

Have a great shabbos!

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