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Rabbi Lefkowitz - Parshat Shoftim

If a false witness stands against a man, you shall do to him as he conspired to do to his fellow, and you shall destroy the evil from your midst.

Rashi points out an incredible inference from the posuk:: As he conspired to do, but not what he succeeded in doing.

Rashi learns from that inference: He quotes Chazal that derive from this that if the witnesses were successful in (their conspiracy) by having the accused murdered before they were determined to be false witnesses, they are not themselves executed!!!!!!!!!!

The Ramban makes sense of this Chazal: The false witnesses are executed because they intended to kill an innocent person. The second set of witnesses arrives in court to save the day by annulling the testimony of the first set of witnesses, However, when the second set of witnesses testifies only after the intended victim has been executed by the court, we are no longer confident in the innocence of the man.

Where was Hashem?

Why didn't he protect them?

Hashem Himself is on the Beis-Din. He would not allow this murder unless the man was actually evil!

Although he was executed for a crime he may not have committed, he surely must have been guilty of an equivalent crime.

If not, G-d would have found a way to guide the court to a different conclusion. While the conspiring witnesses had no way to know that and we're certainly full of evil and malice, the bottom line is that they did not harm an innocent person, but a guilty one. Therefore, the court does not execute them.

LESSON: If you trust in your master, Hashem for protection then you, his servant will be protected in his infinite ways.

Be careful if you think you can hide from his retribution, then watch out! You are never safe, Hashem will strike you down even if you are innocent.

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