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Yonathan Nisanov - Vayeitzei

This week's Parashah is Vayeitzei. In the Parashah, we are told the Aramean Laban attempts to kill Yaakov and his family. Hashem tells Laban if he dares touch Yaakov he will be punished, so he was convinced not to kill Yaakov. But in Parashat Ki Savo it says "an Aramean (Laban) tried to destroy my forefather (Yaakov), so he descended to Egypt and sojourned there". The question is; how did Laban make Yaakov run to Egypt when Hashem said not to touch him? The answer is Laban told Esau to kill Yaakov because Hashem did not tell Esau not to kill Yaakov. Rather He told laban. Because of that Esau came with 400 men. One of his advisors told him if you kill Yaakov then we have to go down to Egypt and be slaves there because Abraham's grandchildren are destined to be slaves in Egypt for 400 years, and if Yaakov is wiped out then Esau has to do so because he is Yaakov's brother. Therefore Esau turned around and left. In conclusion, this is why the Jews were attacked by the Arameans when they left Egypt.

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